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( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Antimony ores are known to occur in the province of Quebec, at South Ham, Wolfe county ; in New Brunswick, at Prince William, York county, and in Nova Scotia, at West Gore, Hants county. In all of these cases antimony ore is present in workable quantities.

In addition to all the above metallic ores, which have all been found in large quantities. Numerous other metals occur in Canada, some of which are obtained as secondary products in the treatment of complex ores, or the presence of which has not yet been recognised in large deposits. But on further investigation many of these latter may yet be found to be of workable size and materially add to our country's economic resources. Among these may be mentioned :

MERCURY ores of which have been found and worked to some extent near Kamloops, B.C.

PLATINUM found in numerous placer gold deposits in British Columbia. Besides this, a comparatively large quantity of platinum is also extracted from the nickeliferous ores of Sudbury, where it occurs in the form of sperrylite.

TIN, TUNGSTEN and other rare minerals are reported to be present in a complex ore deposit at New Ross, in Lunenburg county, in Nova Scotia. Alluvial tin has also been found in the sands and gravels of some of the Klondike creeks.

MOLYBDENITE is known to occur in many places in British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec, but none of the deposits are worked. Among the principal occurrences may be mentioned : King Mine, Grand Prairie, B.C. ; Ross township, Renfrew county, Ontario ; Alleyn township, Pontiac, New Ross, Lunenburg county, Nova Scotia.

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