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Prophecy On The Death Of Richard III.

( Originally Published Late 1800's )

The following is a curious old prophecy concerning the death of Richard III., extracted from a 4to. pamphlet, entitled " Seven several strange Prophecies, London, 1643." [See Note 32.] T. D. F.

" In the reign of King Richard III., his Majesty with his army lay at Leicester the night before the Battle at Bosworth Field was fought. It happened in the morning, as the King rode through the South gate, a poor old blind man (by profession a wheelwright) sat begging, and hearing of his approach, said, that if the moon changed twice that day, having by her ordinary course changed in the morning, King Richard should lose his crown, and be slain ; and riding over the bridge, his left foot struck against a stump of wood, which the old man hearing, said, ` Even so shall his head, at his return back, hit on the same place ;' which so came to pass : and a nobleman, that carried the moon in his colours, revolted from King Richard, whereby he lost that day, his life, crown, and kingdom, which verified the presages of the poor old blind man."

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