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Prophecies, Dreams, And Ghost Stories

( Originally Published Late 1800's )

Old Nixon

THE writer of this having heard many prophecies of Old Nixon, the Cheshire prophet, which have been said to have been fulfilled, as well as others which have failed of their completion, would be greatly obliged to any gentleman, possessed of materials relative to him, which may be depended on, if he will oblige him with some information on that subject. His prophecies are said never to have been printed, but are now in manuscript in the library of Mr. Cholmondeley of Vale Royal. One, relative to the death of the late proprietor of that seat, is reported to have been exactly fulfilled; "that he should die by a fall from his horse in the service of his country." He certainly did die by a fall from his horse; and, if he had been that day in the administration of his office of justice of peace, he may with propriety be said to have died by a fall from his horse in the service of his country. It is not doubted, but that many curious readers of the Gentleman's Magazine, as well as the writer of this, would be much obliged to any person who could give authentic in-formation on this subject.

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