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Abstract Of A Legend In A Very Scarce Book

( Originally Published Late 1800's )

The first Count of Barcelona had a daughter, a most accomplished lady, whom a devil had possessed. The Count sent for an hermit, called Brother John Guerin, surnamed the Holy Man, that he might expel the devil out of her. This Guerin performed ; but lest the devil again entered her fair body, the Count, by advice of the outdriven devil, left her nine days with the holy hermit. Her beauty enraptured him ; he debauched her and cut her throat. Guerin went to Rome to obtain pardon from the Pope ; confessed to the Holy Father his crime, who, trembling with horror, enjoined him as penance to return on all fours to Montserrat, not to speak, or stand on his feet, until a young child, aged three or four months at most, should bid him rise, and inform him our Lord had forgiven his crimes.

Seven years after, the Count of Barcelona was hunting on the Mount Montserrat : his huntsman found, in a cave, a man overgrown with hair, walking on all fours as a beast. They took him, brought him to Barcelona, put him in a stable, chained as a monster. Some time after the Count made an entertainment, on account of having a son born. The guests, hearing of the hairy man, were desirous to see him. He was brought into the salle a manger. The child, whose birth was then celebrated, being about three months old, hanging at his nurse's breast, whom curiosity had drawn, casting a look on this new Lycaon, cried out loudly and distinctly, "Stand up, Father Guerin —God has pardoned your sins." Instantly he arose, stood erect, and related the whole story to the Count, who ratified his pardon, saying : " God has pardoned you: I do also from my soul." But the Count desired he would inform him where his daughter was buried, that he might remove her remains to the tomb of her ancestors. Guerin showed him the place. On opening the grave (to their astonishment) the lady was found alive, and beauteous to a miracle; there only appeared a small red mark round her neck, resembling a collar of silk, where the good man had cut her throat. She informed the company the Virgin, to whom she recommended herself, had miraculously preserved her. Immediately on the spot a convent for women was founded, in memorial of so great a miracle ; the young lady was appointed abbess, and Father Guerin confessor and director.

P.S.—The famous Paladerie Don Migo de Guipuscoa,by his spiritual quixotism, rendered Montserrat, Mantega, and the cave, as remarkable as any places in Spain ; and I would recommend it to the wanderer to get plans of those places. I am ready to give him the histories, if he requires it, of those places, and the extraordinary facts of S. Ignatius.

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