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Apparition At Tewing, Hertfordshire

( Originally Published Late 1800's )

Dr. Yarborough, Rector of Tewing, Hertfordshire, who had a long and intimate acquaintance with the late General Sabine, Governor of Gibraltar, whose country seat was at Tewing, told me this story, which he had from the General's own mouth, who was a person of great honour and veracity, and much good sense.

That when he once lay dangerously ill of his wounds after a battle abroad, and began to recover, as he lay awake one night in his bed, having a candle in his chamber, he saw on the sudden the curtains drawn back at his bed's feet, and his wife, then in England (a lady whom he greatly loved), presenting herself to his full view, at the opening of the curtains, and then disappearing. He was amazed at the sight, and fell into deep reflections upon this extraordinary apparition. In a short time after he received the melancholy news from England that his beloved consort was dead, and that she died at such a time ; which, as near as he could possibly recollect, was the very time on which he had seen that strange phenomenon.

This he immediately entered down in his note-book, continuing ever afterwards fully persuaded of the certainty of some apparitions, notwithstanding the general prejudice to the contrary; "which," said he often, " I can, from my own knowledge in this instance, confidently oppose upon the strongest grounds."

This is the story, and I here set it down as I heard it from the above-mentioned worthy doctor, without making any remarks.

See some other instances of this kind in the late Mr. Aubrey's " Miscellaneous Collections," etc., where (in my own printed book) I have entered down several references, etc., of the same kind: but determine nothing at present.

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