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Dream Fatally Realized

( Originally Published Late 1800's )

I do not mean to impress upon your readers a superstitious belief in the accomplishment of dreams. However, give me leave to pre-sent you with the following very extraordinary instance.

A poor chimney-sweeper in the neighbourhood 'of Swindon, Wilts, lately dreamed that he should lose one of his children by water. This dream he communicated to his wife ; and, with an earnest solicitude, entreated her stricter care and watchfulness over their family. The mother accordingly complied with his desires ; and, when her daily Iabour called her to the field, did not in her prudence forget to leave her children closely confined at home. It happened, shortly after, a neighbouring woman, having occasion to borrow some common utensil, came to the house ; and, knowing the place where the key was usually secreted, gained admittance, and, after satisfying her wants, departed. During this visit, the eldest son, a child of six or seven years old, watched the opportunity of slipping out unperceived; and, too fatally straying to a horse-pool at no great distance, accidentally fell in, and was drowned.

The shock was too great for parental feelings. From the strong impression of his dream, and from the melancholy accomplishment of it, the father quickly after was seized with a delirious fever, which in a few days put an end to his life.

The truth of this fact may be fully confirmed by the inhabitants of East-Cott, the village in which he lived, as well as by the clergyman to whose sad office it fell to read the last solemn service over the remains of both father and son.

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