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Therapeutic Tests

( Originally Published 1921 )

Another important line of investigation in the case of those who have heart trouble must be founded upon what physicians call therapeutic tests. This means that the person must be studied as to the way he reacts under various forms of treatment and different plans of regimen.

Just as each person responds best to certain kinds of food and certain plans of taking food, so different people react in a different way to certain drugs and certain methods of administration. The physician learns by experience how to select the best remedy and how to apply it, but it is not possible to give perfect advice on a single occasion, any more than it is possible for a tailor to make a good suit of clothing without trying it on. The hardest thing to persuade many people is that they must give up a certain length of time to the examination and appraisement, and that a properly considered course of treatment is much more apt to be of permanent use and value than one that is arrived at on the spur of the moment. This is true, even if the physicians have the greatest possible ability and experience.

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