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Library At High Wycomb

( Originally Published Late 1800's )

Having observed in p. 934 [see post, pp. 152-155] an interesting account of the newly-established library at Liverpool, called the Athenĉum, which reflects great credit on the founders, as well as on the inhabitants, for their readiness to establish such an institution, I should thank you to insert in your extensive miscellany the following short account of a society on a small scale, established at High Wycomb, in Buckinghamshire, as it may be an advantage to those who could not engage in one of such a large scale as that of Liverpool. It consists of twenty members, who meet once a month to propose and choose books, which are circulated through the society, allowing a suitable number of days to each work ; which, after having passed through each , member's hands, are deposited with the secretary till the end of the year, when they are sold among the members, and the sum arising therefrom, together with the trifling sum of a guinea annually, yields a sufficient stock to purchase as many or more books as can conveniently be read by persons who are at all engaged in business. And indeed, Mr. Urban, I have been informed by some of the members that the institution has afforded them much pleasure, and that great benefit arises from such societies by introducing greater intercourse among the inhabitants of places where they may be formed, and may be the means of removing many secret prejudices between individuals, that have been imbibed either on political or religious principles.

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