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The Book Of Sir Balin Le Savage - VI

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

"BROTHER," said Balin, "let us go hence, and well be we met." The meanwhile as they talked there came a dwarf from the city of Camelot on horseback, as fast as he might, and found the dead bodies; wherefore he made great dole, and drew his hair for sorrow, and said, "Which of you knights hath done this deed ?" "Whereby asketh thou it" said Balin. "For I would wit," said the dwarf. "It was I," said Balin, "that slew this knight in my defence ; for hither came he to chase me, and either I must slay him or me, and this damsel slew herself for his love, which me sore repenteth, and for her sake I shall owe all women the better love and favour." "Alas !" said the dwarf, "thou hast done great damage unto thyself ; for this knight, that is here dead, was one of the most valiantest men that lived, and trust thou well, Balin, that the kin of this knight will chase thee through the world till they have slain thee." "As for that," said Balin, "I fear it not greatly; but I am right heavy, because I have displeased my sovereign lord, King Arthur, for the death of this knight." So, as they talked together, there came a man of Cornwall riding by them, which was named King Marke; and when he saw these two bodies dead, and understood how they were dead by one of the two knights abovesaid, then made King Marke great sorrow for the true love that was between them, and said, "I will not depart from hence till I have on this earth made a tomb." And there he pitched his pavilions, and sought through all the country to find a tomb. And in a church they found one was rich and fair, and then the king let put them both in the earth, and put the tomb on them, and wrote both their names on the tomb, "Here lieth Lanceor the king's son, of Ireland ; that at his own request was slain by the hands of Balin, and how his lady Colombe and paramour slew herself with her love's sword, for dole and sorrow."

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