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Apparent Objects Of The Universal Intelligence

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Judging from the universality of phenomena, the nature of such phenomena, and the logical necessity of an adequate cause therefor, it is assumed that there is a Universal Intelligence which is the governing power of nature. Everything which exists is, in its degree, a manifestation of an Intelligence which is superior to the individual's comprehension. This Intelligent Power is not found alone in the great crises such as the first appearance of life and the dawning of consciousness or mind, but in the whole continuous, purposeful process.

Some of the objects of the Universal Intelligence seem to be:


1. The integration of material elements into a planet

2. The refinement of matter.

3. The increase of vibratory action.

4. The generation of individual life.

5. The transforming of inorganic into organic matter.

6. The improvement and the increase of efficiency of organisms.

7. The individualizing 6f intelligence.

8. The providing of a seemingly infinite series of object lessons.

9. The development of intelligent beings who will co-operate with the evolutionary impulse.

10. The ethical development of love between individuals.

11. The attainment of self-completion and happiness by individuals.

12. The perpetuation of existence by conformity to conditions on higher planes of being.

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