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Reply To A Letter Of Inquiry From A Student

( Originally Published 1921 )

THE way of the transgressor is hard," "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap," "To be carnally minded is death," "The wages of sin is death." This array and the like constitute the condemnation of every being. Before a man can be killed, he must be condemned. In order to save him, he must be saved from the universal, racial, theological, and self condemnation which is the initiative whereby mortal mind seeks to kill.

Your being troubled about the sins of the world, was because the sin of the world seemed to be something. Is it?

Is there anything but good, but Spirit?

You know that Mrs. Eddy warns us lest we be "overwhelmed by the growing sense of the odiousness of sin," et cetera. (Science and Health, page 366:24—264th Edition.)

It seems like a disagreeable position, "between Scylla and Charybdis," to be obliged to make nothing of sin under the spiritual law, and to seem to be obliged to make something of it, and to be afraid under the law of human concept.

"God without man" means "Mind without ideas." "Mind without ideas" is an unthinkable proposition.

Instead of being of no importance, the statement is of the utmost significance. The whole thing really seems so simple thus: Mind, basis—active, conscious, adequate, competent, boundless, primary, complete, substantive, omnific, continuous, eternal, perfect—manifested, shown forth, and evidenced by ideas, which are substantive and exactly like Mind—thus attesting the universe.

Individual man—a state of consciousness by reason of the activity of these ideas.

Education is salvation.
Understanding is heaven.

Wait patiently for education—for pure knowledge to enlighten you. Meanwhile, deny and reject every sense of discord. It has no right to derange your peace.

Your high spiritual sensibilities will be the vehicle through which a splendid adjustment will occur.

There are mazes to be encountered and traversed.

It is a sweet thing to behold the new birth (Ecce homo), and to know that it is begotten of infinity, and is the evidence of immortality. "Oh! that they might know Thee, and Jesus Christ whom Thou has sent." Oh, that mortals, even Christian Scientists, knew enough to release themselves, and enter upon the simple grandeur of Life!

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