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To Friends In Chicago, Written While On A Trip South

( Originally Published 1921 )

April 30, 1907.

I WANT you to know that the unusual thing that you have done has touched me very deeply, and I appreciate in large degree the loving kindness that prompted you to send me such a gracious, encouraging letter. The course of human experience seems to be rough at times, perhaps I may say particularly rough for the Christian Scientist, and although we will learn in time to have both consolation and compensation in infinite good itself, I am much persuaded that meantime Christian Scientists cannot take too much pains to bestow on each other all possible tender and helpful comfort and support. We cannot be too, loving, too compassionate, one toward another.

I think that the cooperative, mutual support such as your letter denotes has always been characteristic of the Chicago Scientists. It has done wonders for them. They are in large degree entitled to wear the badge entitled "He loved his fellow man." They have never flown so dangerously high that they forgot or were disinclined to do the sweet and con-soling deed.

I rejoice that during many of the years in which I have been in the ranks, pushed along, or coaxed along, the line of duty and performance, it has been my good fortune to be side by side with such men as you have proved yourselves to be.

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