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To A Student Upon The Occasion Of Bereavement

( Originally Published 1921 )

THE only living and true God has entreated us to "rejoice always." At this time, when a false sense of that which is altogether lovely seems to itself to be real, I rejoice with you because the Son of God hath appeared to sit enthroned as consciousness, and to declare the allness of good, the immortality of Life, and to reveal the utter unreality of the mindless, senseless, unknown lie. He leaveth us not in temptation.

How unspeakably blessed is the deliverance from the fictions of error that have deceived mortals.

What a relief to know that we need not mourn or be cast down, because "There never was a moment in which evil was real" t and because "the thought of Thee is mightier far than pain and sin and sorrow, are."

The trial of your faith long since led you by Love's own hand to the mount whose heights are illumined by the touch of infinite light, and from which you have perceived that there is no death.

Just think of it, within the entire range of all that is, or ever was, there has been no death, not one.

All that ever was of your husband is now and is included in the infinity of consciousness, imperishable, undisturbed, and unlost, and you will be satisfied when you awake in that likeness.

The allness of good is not unhappy today. Nothing has happened to bereave the infinite. Nothing has changed Life or man.

On the contrary if thought listens to God it will hear the sweet and eternal refrain "All is good and good is all." "Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him."

I rejoice with you because you know that your Saviour is within, and because you know that it delivers you from all the temptations of sin, ignorance, and error, and paves the heavenward way for the footsteps of His elect who are moving on toward a certain redemption.

I rejoice that good is with you, does sustain you, is your life and consciousness, and is equal to every need.

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