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Letter To The Church Of Christian Science, Chicago

( Originally Published 1921 )

I HAD no intimation that Mr.___ was contemplating the withdrawal of his letters to the official boards of Church; any conclusion that occurs to me is, therefore, by way of speculation. I saw him about three weeks ago.

In answer to your inquiry as to his state of mind and attitude toward your Church, I will say that when I saw him he seemed disturbed and unhappy.

He told me that he had been censured for seeking, through letters to your board, to obtain some sort of scrutiny and examination that would end in a more righteous judgment; and that a certain ostracism of himself and family had ensued.

It may be that he is desirous of making reparation for what was considered a damage done by him, or it may be that the frayed cord that has bound him recently with uncertain tenure to the Christian Science organization has finally parted and he intends if possible to sever his connection with it and eliminate all the vestiges thereof.

In my endeavor to keep the middle ground of scientific analysis I have tried to heal the wounds while I sought to cast out the error; for whatever his faults may be, it is my business to love him still.

I have not feared to offend the law by yielding up to him a full measure of merciful compassion. I do not even try to comprehend the responsibility that rests upon your board in this uncomfortable moment. But I would be glad to know some day that the touch of love bestowed by you at this particular time was the angel that gently beckoned him from impending wanderings and again enticed him to the Christian fellowship wherein he would be entitled to say, "Father, where thine own children are, I love to be."

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