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From A Group Of Chicago Men Who Lunched Together

( Originally Published 1921 )

May 17, 1900.

WHEN I was in Concord I made an attempt to write a letter to you, but could get only half way through, and was obliged to wait for a more convenient hour in consequence of the great demands upon my time.

I received your message and was profoundly moved by it, and I started a letter which, as far as it went, is as follows :

In the time of the new birth, when we learn that Life means Love and Love means Life, and that the only business of mortals is to learn the divine art of loving, we also learn that only he who loves can live and know heaven.

Every memento of this heavenly Love is witness of its own immortality and blessedness, and satisfieth him who hopes and strives for the promised joy and peace of the redeemed.

It is easy to be kind, but kindness seems to be so rare that one is unusually impressed when some dear friend stretches forth his hand to bestow the balm of affection and good cheer.

I ought not to have been surprised because you did so sweet a thing for me, but I was deeply touched, and deeply grateful.

I know that the strong, sensible men who do honor to the work in Chicago will be glad to know that she who worketh almost without "slumber or sleep" for her dear church rejoiceth much because of you very men who, here in Chicago, are showing forth a splendid manifestation of Christian Science.

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