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Cause Of Christian Science

( Originally Published 1921 )

WHAT is it that comes by way of revelation? We call it Christian Science; but how shall we designate it to make it understood? Do the Christian Scientists make a new Saviour? Not at all; Christ is still the same Saviour. Is there any other way by which mankind can be saved? No, there is no other way than through Christ. What was Christ two thousand years ago? The anointed, or "God with us." Christian Science means Christ-salvation. It is the Mind that was in Christ. What Mind? We learn it is the one infinite Mind which includes all intelligence, all truth, all Science. That Mind is enough; it includes all. Then it was the Mind of Christ which meant Saviour, which always was and always shall be.

Paul says : "Let this mind be in you." Why? Because it is the one Mind which corrects, which exalts, which counteracts fear or evil, false belief. It is the Comforter. That is the reason we should have the Mind which is in Christ. What does it do? It begins to assert the Science of Life, the Science of God and man; to assert the possibilities of man; to bring out everything which goes to make up the facts of reality, the scope of existence. As this Mind is comforting and governing man, it is sustaining man. It means the Son of God, the "image and likeness" of God. This is the only God we have.

Christian Science declares that we can only know God by knowing what expresses God—this Mind with us, this intelligence with us, Christ with us, "God with us" as our Redeemer, our well being. "Science and Health" teaches us that this is Christ.

This Christ-intelligence, this Christ-enlightenment, is the spiritual idea. What is that? It is the spiritual sense of all things, the true mental idea and scientific concept which means Mind instead of mortality, good instead of evil. It means "God with us," intelligence with us; it means the Mind which was in Christ—Life manifested. When it is operative, active, to you, it reveals the right God, also the right way. Just as you, knowing the truth and knowing God, are the "image and likeness" of God, so are you like Life, the reality of existence, like Truth, like intelligence, like substance, like the power of good. Our mental power is the Messiah. But when you,—although declaring that Christ, this spiritual understanding, is your Saviour,—want to pull an individual up with a sharp turn, desire to have instantaneous healing manifest, you must know that only as this Saviour is applicable, active, can it be a Saviour at all.

We are argued with by evil to be dilatory, but let us listen to the word of God. You must let this Mind be in you. This Mind must sway; it must be accepted as counsellor and healer. The individual is always knowing or believing something anterior to himself. If he knows anything that is true, it belongs to the realm of Truth; if not true, instead of being the originator of the evil, he has simply been believing a lie that was a lie from the beginning. So each one of us is either believing the mental falsities termed sickness, hatred, evil, or knowing health, Love, good, all the time. We are either traveling in the way of health and holiness, or evil, every minute, every hour. We say we are too busy to do what? To be decided. Too busy to give attention to Christian Science; too busy to love; too busy to establish the kingdom of heaven within; too busy for the Mind which means Truth and Life; too busy with sin, sickness, and death, with that which means sin and sorrow.

But Christian Scientists are either being saved or not being saved. Christian Science means salvation, already achieved. I used to think the hardest thing to do was to obey the will of God. What is the will of God? What is the law of God? It is the law of health. Whose? Yours. It is the law of Life. Whose? Yours. It is the law of prosperity, perfection, dominion over evil. Whose? Yours. It is the law of all that means gladness and satisfactory existence. Whose? Yours. Obey God. What does that mean? It means to you, to your own self, happiness and prosperity.

What does this Saviour, Christian Science, do? It declares the facts of being. It is the basis of all true knowing. It declares everything correctly. It declares the perfectibility of man. It discovers to him what is right, what is scientific, and uncovers what is false. It uncovers, denies, and destroys the claim of error, because thought is depicted in elements of mortality. Christian Science shows how to cope with error. As an entity no one ever coped with it.

We have a term for evil, viz : animal magnetism. A great many people think that Mrs. Eddy is originating a new devil. It is the best term the English language affords to describe evil; it is the generic term for evil. When you understand what animal magnetism means, the unification of mental falsities manifested by humanity .as the belief of mind, self-hood in matter, apart from Mind, Life, you can get rid of it. To be afraid of it—nothingness—is to utterly misunderstand it as nothingness.

Christian Science indicates evil to be what? It declares it to be a false sense of the real, a perverted sense of the actual, a falsity that is not a falsity—. nothingness. Therefore, all error must be resolved into a false sense. The modus operandi of Christian Science is the transformation of thought. It comes to substitute the true idea for the erroneous concept. Instead of having something terrible to. wrestle with, all you have to do is to destroy the wrong mental sense of existence.

This brings us to Christian Science practice, which is denying the lie, denying each form of error. This is the place where one person stopped short and said, "If all is good, I do not have to pay any attention to the error." If that is so you wouldn't have to eat three meals a day. You must not only declare that God is all, but deny the error. The only possible way to be saved is to declare that which is true and deny all error. I know of no way to whole-sale a treatment, but it must handle specifically each form of error. To handle specifically each form of error, declare what is true and deny that which is false. An intelligent affirmation about anything necessarily requires the thought that you must deny the false.

Christian Science "resolves things into thoughts." (Science and Health, page 269:14.) This is the one thing essential. It is not the power of good over sickness. It is not the power of Christian Science over any disordered condition. It shows the sickness to be a wrong conception of that which is fundamentally all right. The disease is not a disease, but a belief; Christian Science reduces the whole thing to the realm of belief; and the entire curative process has nothing to do with the material structure or with disease or sickness.

What is the reason Christian Scientists are not more effective in their work? It is because they do not vividly enough assert the reality to lose sight of the patient; and because they do not know that they do not have to do anything to the disease. To the extent that you are treating a man's body, just to that extent is he held.

A Christian Scientist can do nothing more than to bring the whole healing process into the mental realm and not submit to the belief that there is something to cure. It is not a material body, but a belief in it. It is like a rubber ball which has been squeezed out of shape. As soon as you let go of it, spontaneously, according to the law of resiliency, it comes back into shape. Just as soon as you break down the belief, the body will recover. God has a lot to do with the body, the only body and all the body there is, and God is the law of health and perfection to all the body there is. It is the law of perfection to the human body, because you have got rid of a lot of beliefs; and just as soon as you get rid of the beliefs, the law of God begins to operate.

What the healer wants to do is to get rid of the thought that he must do something. He needs to break down the belief that holds the patient. Stop treating him; stop treating a man. It is only a belief that calls itself a sick man. Stop treating disease or a body, and thinking you have to bring out something. What is your treatment? A lot of them sound all right, but there is no good in them. They lack force. Your treatment has just as much in it as there is in it. Don't stand around and say a few things and trust God to do the rest. He has done something. Bring out the facts of being and deny the error. You have got to do it. You sit around and say it is God's business to bring it out. He has already brought it out. You must manifest it by reflecting God. You have to do this and have faith in it. If it is a good treatment it will have faith in its acts.

What is Christian Science? It is God manifested, "God with us." And the treatment is entitled to the power of God, because it is the spiritual idea which manifests God. The spiritual idea of Life will abolish the false belief termed death. The spiritual idea which manifests action will destroy the false be-lief termed breaking down, paralysis, inaction. This is why your treatment is entitled to the power of God.

What is treatment? Where does a Christian Scientist turn in every instance? To God, our God. What are you going to break with the patient? Break fear. What breaks it? What will break a claim of evil power? It is the understanding of the omnipotence of God, all good. So what you want to do is to know that every treatment is the very word of God. It is the power of good that destroys the fear of evil.

When you have a patient with measles it is not merely a belief of measles but a belief, or claim of law. Reflecting the law of God is the enforced law of annihilation to the so-called law of false belief. Your treatment has to be big enough to know that it is the operation of the divine law breaking the so-called law of false belief.

Your patient has no fear. You cannot treat a patient with the thought or belief that he has any fear. You must know that he has no fear. If you treat a patient as though he had a belief, you will make him have it. Error is no part of man, you, or your patient. You destroy it by knowing it is no part of man. You have nothing to do but break the supposition of fear or belief.

What we are lacking in is intelligence, faith, and confidence. Error will come up and declare that you do not realize the truth. What are you going to do about it? Are you going to say, "I don't realize it"? It is easy to wind Christian Scientists up unless they wake up. What is your Saviour? Is it, "I am discouraged; I cannot realize the truth?" Is it "I haven't enough confidence in my treatment?" What is the one being saved going to do? He will declare, "I do realize the truth. It shall not return void. It is the word of God, and I cannot be mesmerized to believe I have not confidence in it." That is what one who is being saved will know. If some one told you he was going to mesmerize you with the belief that you are discouraged, you would say that he could not do it; but if he mesmerized you without telling you about it, you would say, "I am so discouraged."

You must declare what is true about yourself, if you want to be saved in Christian Science. If the suggestion comes which says that you cannot do it, declare that you can do it. Whenever error asserts itself, you have to declare that you are right. If it declares you cannot lift your arm, declare you can. God governs, and in the name of Science and in the name of law you have the right to declare the perfection of everything about you, and only as you do it will you be governed by good. I would, there-fore, say that your saviour is the right idea about everything. This is the Christ with us, the power and affirming of the right idea.

We are involved in the cause of Christian Science. The only cause of Christian Science is in the minds of Christian Scientists. The thoughts of Christian Scientists constitute the cause of Christian Science, which is just as good as our thought of it, and that which the thought produces. Christian Science has just as much permanence as there is value to Christian Scientists' thoughts, as there is love and truth and fidelity to Truth and Love in our thoughts. We felicitate ourselves because Christian Science has come to stay. This depends upon whether Christian Scientists can learn to love enough to save them-selves. History is being made very rapidly. The word of Christian Science is thrusting itself upon the world very rapidly. It is bringing to the front all the resources of evil, and this evil is showing itself virulently. The student says, "I know, but it will all come out all right."

If the Christian Scientists would be saved they must love. If there is any health in love, in life, you must stop hating. Stop saying hateful things; stop doing hateful things. Simply get to work at number one and make a lover of him as rapidly as possible. Do not think you ought to find fault with some one else; let him alone.

"Don't you think we ought to say something about anybody?" No; there is more abominable cruelty going on about the things you have to say about people than you could put in books. Who is it that sits in judgment on his brother? Who declares that all sorts of evil will befall him because he does not do as I say? Is the cause of Christian Science dear to you? Yes, it is dear enough for you to sit up nights and love, to apply the Golden Rule. Get right up in the corner and say, "Would I like to have some one do to me just as I am doing?" Ask that question. You have to analyze thought, that which is about you; but you do not have to damn people. Let your efforts to get people into the church or your subscriptions go, but do not stop loving.


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