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Christian Science Mind Healing

( Originally Published 1921 )

Webster's definition of science:

(a) "Knowledge of principles and laws. . . .

(b) "Accumulated and established knowledge systematized and formulated with reference to the discovery of general truths or the operations of general laws."

CHRIST JESUS was possessed without measure of accurate, definite knowledge concerning fundamental or divine Principle and law. He demonstrated the eternal verity that the divine law and power are equal to the cure of all diseases. Hence the term Christian Science. It is certain that if Jesus did his work lawfully and naturally he did it scientifically. If it could be shown that it was lawless or in contravention of law; that it was in defiance of divine or fundamental naturalness, then Christianity would go down in ruins and the works of Christ would be de-graded to the plane of spasmodic empiricism.

All the things that have actual being exist at the standpoint of effect in consequence of some substantial cause which has induced their existence. Every-thing in the universe is a manifestation of some basis, origin, source, foundation, Principle, causation. Man with his intelligence is the phenomenon of a necessarily intelligent cause or creative animus. This primary creative cause is an infinite, conscious, intelligent being—one spiritually self-existent individual who is omnipotent and omniscient—the only law-maker, the supreme author and ruler of the universe. This supreme being who is infinite good and who hath done all things well, alone may be called Deity. This divinity is the only God.

Many technical terms have been used whereby to enlarge the human, finite concept of God who is infinite. Christian Science introduces an additional synonym and declares that God can be most easily comprehended as the infmite divine Mind, and that this Mind is the one supreme power of the universe.

Man is a state of conscious intelligence or being. The divine plan concerning man provides for him harmonious and satisfying existence and an adequate dominion over his environment. Man governed wholly by God would be sustained in health and prosperity. God has not instituted or procured disease or kindred ills for the discomfiture of man. They have no part in the divine nature or economy. Sickness is not a natural nor God-ordained concomitant of existence.

The human race, which declares itself to be a fallen race, is in a state of abnormity. Its fear, sins, disease, insanity, depravity, and poverty are all illegitimate. They are utterly unlike God, and, by reason of them, humanity has involved itself in prodigious disorder.

The problem of evil has harassed mankind for ages. Men have sought for a solution of the problem and for deliverance from the embrace of evil, and they have failed. In their endeavor they have had recourse to conjecture, hypotheses, philosophy, and materialistic beliefs and to every form of matter, and after all the ages of materialistic theory and practice it is palpable that materialism is not delivering the race from its plight. It is admitted that fifteen or twenty million people die prematurely every year. Having failed of a solution and of deliverance through recourse to matter, humanity has decided that sickness is natural and inevitable, and has resigned itself to the tragic sequence.

Christian Science declares that the problem of disease will be solved, not by materialism, but by Mind; by recourse to pure supersensible Science, and it declares that Mind can and will cope with and eliminate disease.

The crusade of Christian Science against disease is predicated partly on the discovery that sickness, as a negation, has no legal or divine right to infest or consume mankind; that its conditions are abnormal, and that it has no inherent or acquired power of continuance. Its manifestations being on a spurious basis, sickness per se will be expelled as a negation because of the discovery and utility of the power, law, and modus that are equal to such expulsion.

The coexistence of infinitely good causation and power, and infinitely bad causation and power is impossible. Spirit and matter cannot both be primarily causative. Such a dualism is scientifically inconceivable. The attempt of materialism to locate causation in matter has failed to solve the riddle of the centuries, namely, "What is the primary cause or essence of disease?" Christian Science declares that the primary causes of the bodily impairment of the race are to be discovered in the mental realm, and that individual and racial fear in its many forms has been the chief mischief-maker. It claims that disease, as a unit, is the effect of abnormal causation, and that disease can be eliminated for the simple reason that the cause thereof can be abolished.

The ordinary human being, examined under the lens of a pure, divine psychology, is a composition of conscious and unconscious strata of mental susceptibility that has been both the arena and the prey of invisible and mysterious forces which, until now, have been pernicious and unobstructed. In this realm of occult influences have lain the avenues through which havoc has wrought the undoing of the individual. Herein lies the actual foe of humanity which has procured the universal impairment and degeneracy of the body. Herein lies the entire modus of prenatal or hereditary contamination.

Christ Jesus demonstrated the only right way in which to heal the sick. The human race, which has become self-alienated from God and has lost its normal equipoise, can only be extricated from its dire peril and disaster by recourse to the supreme power and law of the universe—the power of God, the power of the divine Mind which alone is equal to the cure of all its diseases. Every other recourse has failed and will fail. No person can think of any-thing more important than Principle, law, and power. Without them there would be no existence; man him-self would be an impossibility. If they could be abolished, the universe would collapse in chaos, and yet neither Principle, law, nor power can be cognized by the senses of a mortal. That which is equal to the creation and activity of the universe, including man, is absolutely invisible and impalpable. All that the faculty called the intellect of a human being can cognize is the effect of power and law in concrete form. It is only as a man strides past the limitations of sheer materialism that he gains a supersensible grasp of what Principle, law, and power really are.

The concrete effects of Christian Science practice are easily described by stating that all the forms of disorder in the common kinship of disease, insanity, vice, and sin have been expelled through this practice, but an adequate statement of the modus, including all that refers to cause and effect, and to prevention and cure, obviously would be too extensive to include in this brief outline.

There is an indestructible relationship between the phenomena of the universe and the noumenon which caused them to exist, and this is essential between man and the creator of man. Instinctively the human race has sought to penetrate the so-called mystery of this relationship; to acquaint itself with God "and be at peace." This relationship between divine omniscience and man who was created and should be in the likeness of God is referred to by Mrs. Eddy who said of God, "Whom to know aright is Life eternal." All genuine science declares for such relationship between cause and effect.

In this realm of spiritual or mental relationship lie all the phases of activity called revelation, inspiration, spiritual communion, and the scientific discovery of Principle and law. It is into this realm that men seek to enter by means of prayer and faith. It is in this realm of fixed, invisible law and power and the utility and availability thereof that Christian Science Mind-healing is operative and manifests its effectiveness through its supreme power over disease.

The ordinary human conception of faith and prayer does not accurately indicate the modus operandi of Christian Science healing. The different mental states called faith may be sublime with one person and ridiculous with another. Likewise uncertain is that which is designated prayer. Nothing is more true than that most men pray amiss. Much that is called prayer is utterly irrational. The curative impulsion in Christian Science includes all of the best that is termed faith and prayer, but includes vastly more. Instead of being the prayer of petition, it is the prayer or mental modus of demonstration. It is both prayer, in the highest sense, and answer also. Instead of asking God to interpose and to heal the sick by way of response to the prayer, the work in Christian Science is in recognition of the fact that all by way of divine nature, law, power, action, privilege, availability, and opportunity necessary to the healing of the sick has ever existed wherever the sick may be, and needs only to be realized and appropriated by humanity.

Christian Science declares that in the case of sickness we may have recourse to the divine with absolute avail; not by way of mystery or miraculous defiance of natural law, but through the enforcement of law. Christian Science Mind-healing rests upon infinite Principle. All its postulates can be vindicated by faultless and logical argument. The rule of practice is definite, fixed, complete, and scientific. The process of healing, as applied to what is termed the human body, is both reconstructive and eliminative. It invokes an invisible power, which, although invisible, is potential enough to create the universe. It overcomes and dispels diseased conditions because they are unlawful, unrighteous, and unnecessary, and it is in compliance with the teaching and demonstrations of Christ Jesus who manifested divine Principle and natural law.

Part of this article appeared in the Christian Science Monitor, February 4, 1910.

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