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Here And There

( Originally Published Early 1900's )


HERE, 'mid death and danger, mournfully we stay,
Everything around us yielding to decay ;
But in the better country, sin's dark triumph o'er,
All things are enduring—life for evermore.

Here, with weary footsteps, in a desert waste,
Strangers in a strange land, we pass through in haste ;
There our rest awaits us, our hearts are gone before,
In that land of brightness—rest for evermore !

Here our courage faileth in the storms of life,
Our hearts are sad and anxious, ruffled in the strife ;
here the tempest endeth, the bilows cease to roar,—
All is calm and tranquil—peace for evermore !

Here amid our sadness silence often reigns,
Or our voices mingle in low and plaintive strains;
There no chord of sadness shall wake an echo more,—
Heaven itself resoundeth—song for evermore !

Here amid our sorrow sighs are often heard,
Fondest hearts are parted, sick with hope deferred ;
There no tear-drop falleth, hearts are never sore,
All is joy and gladness joy for evermore !

Here "mid deepening shadows, wearily we roam,
Looking for the day-star, the bright light of home
There the clouds shall vanish, the night of weeping o'er,
When the sun ariseth—light for evermore !

Only a little longer have we to trust and wait
E'er we reach the portals, pass the pearly gate,
Hear the shout of welcome from loved ones gone before,
In our Father's mansion—home for evermore !

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