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God Of My Youth

( Originally Published Early 1900's )


GOD of my childhood and my youth,
The guide of all my days,
I have declared thy heavenly truth,
And told thy wondrous ways.

Wilt thou forsake my hoary hairs,
And leave my fainting heart?
Who shall ;sustain my sinking years
If God, my strength, depart

Let me thy power and truth proclaim
Before the rising age,
And leave a savour of thy name When
I shall quit the stage.

The land of silence and of death
Attends my next remove;
Oh may these poor remains of breath
Teach the wide world thy love !

By long experience have I known
Thy sovereign power to save ;
At thy command I venture down
Securely to the grave.

When I lie buried deep in dust,
My flesh shall be thy care ;
These withered limbs with thee I trust,
To raise them strong and fair.

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