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Yogi Breathing

( Originally Published 1930 )

Fancy, skip-stop, "occult" methods of breathing, with concentration on the solar plexus or other nerve centers are not advisable; in fact, they may prove very dangerous to the white race.

There is a mysterious "inner breath" known to a few highly developed American Indians and practiced by them when going through fire, under water, through dense smoke or during profound spiritual meditation. With this method they do not employ the lungs but directionalize the life force through the spinal nerve centers to the brain, using the pneumogastric nerve ! Yogis or Indian seers, who understand their nervous anatomy, often obtain remarkable results, but white peoples, who are not thoroughly familiar with cell life and growth, or with the vital nerve centers and the various forces that flow through the body—many of which operate with tremendous hidden power-should not play with fire. The insane asylums contain many who thought they knew or who have experimented out of curiosity. Natural growth through a process of normal development while living a pure life is the only safe or sane method.

Air Hygiene

Any kind of building, office, or dwelling, should be given a thorough air bath several times a day, to make it fit to live in.

It is much easier to heat rooms filled with fresh air than with stale air.

Window curtains, drapes and portières should have rings sewed to them so that they may be slid back or fastened away from the windows and doors when airing the rooms. Window shades should not be drawn over the open windows in the sleeping room.

Bed drapes are not healthful, they catch dust and germs.

Open the windows wide at night and have plenty of fresh air circulating through your bedroom. Do not be afraid of night air! It is the only air there is to breathe at night.

Open gas heaters are dangerous unless provided with an outlet pipe to carry away the burned fumes. Burned gas fumes are poisonous and deadly.

A room in which any sort of heater that consumes oxygen is burning even an oil reading lamp should have a circulation of fresh air constantly coming in and through it, otherwise the oxygen and vital electric forces of the air are soon consumed and the air becomes devitalized and vitiated.

The exhaled breath, consisting of carbon dioxide and other poisonous exhalations, laden with disease germs, of several persons in a poorly ventilated room, is decidedly dangerous to health.

It is well known that the nostrils are designed to filter, purify and warm the air, and have fine hairs growing inside to protect the delicate membranes and to prevent dirt, insects and destroyer-germs from entering the passages and lungs. Mouth-breathing attracts disease, causes throat troubles, catarrh, susceptibility to colds and many other infections, together with inflammation of the respiratory tract. It is a disgusting habit and should be corrected immediately. Children should be taught to breathe through the nostrils. Tilt the head slightly forward, when sleeping, to keep the lips closed, and lie on the side. Tobacco smoke pollutes the air and is injurious to lung tissue. It is injurious to the teeth and causes a bad breath; it wrecks the nerves eventually. Never sleep in a room where anyone has been smoking without first airing it thoroughly.

Always admit sunshine, through open windows when possible. It is filled with electrical life force and purifies the air. Dark rooms and houses are not healthful and soon become musty and dank.

Sleeping porches are excellent. It would be well if everyone could sleep out of doors.

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