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Seven Rules Of Life

( Originally Published 1930 )

1. Correct Posture and Carriage

Both posture and carriage are so essential to good health that their importance can hardly be overestimated. Success in business as well as in social life depends much upon personal appearance. A good posture is an aid to self-confidence; a good carriage demands somewhat of deference and respect from others. Both are cultivated along with balance and poise through physical training with mental control. Persistent effort, while employing the basic principles of the Indian system will serve to correct bad habits, reform the entire body and restore perfect health.

2. Proper Breathing

Without air man cannot live; it is his very life. A comprehensive understanding of the many uses of air in the body and the conscious direction of energy through the powers of the breath is a tremendous factor in the development of both physical and mental efficiency. Learn rhythmic breathing for health, power, poise, self-confidence and for a good digestion.

3. Relaxation

The ability to relax at will and enjoy complete freedom from all physical strain and nervous tension is absolutely necessary for the maintenance of health and happiness and for the acquisition of mental power. It is the secret of perfect rest and restful sleep. The prevention of nervous or muscular tension increases all the natural powers and is most effective in the alignment of mind with brain power. Relaxation and flexibility are as essential to man as strength, and both add very materially to his endurance and nerve control.

4. Scientific Exercise

All depends upon how exercises or movements are performed. Unless properly executed they may easily do more harm than good. Speed, dexterity, and efficiency, together with muscle and nerve control, depend upon flexibility of the joints and muscles. The ligaments connecting the joints must be elastic and limber as well as strong, particularly those of the spinal vertebra. It is necessary also that all joints be thoroughly and naturally lubricated. Long, elastic, flexible muscles far exceed short, knotty muscles in strength, quickness and endurance. They may be developed by proper exercise, work, posture, carriage, diet, breathing and by the use of will power, carefully directionalize.

5. Complete Elimination

All of the vital processes of the body include elimination, in one way or another. Thorough cleansing by natural elimination is one of the great secrets of health, whether through muscular exercise, the breath, the skin, the bowels, or the emotions or the mind. Elimination is a continuous function in the normal individual. The interference of any process of elimination is the dominant cause of disease and of nervous, mental and emotional disorders. The Indians resort to fasting, sun baths, sweat baths, mineral, mud, and hot and cold water baths, as an aid to elimination, along with certain herbs and foods of a loosening nature. An occasional internal water bath is helpful if properly taken. Regularity in habits of eating and of elimination is a law of health.

6. Proper Nourishment and Clothing

It is just as important to feed the human body scientifically as it is to take proper exercise. The body cells cannot build brain and brawn unless the blood is supplied with the proper materials with which to build them. It is equally impossible for nerves to function adequately when starved or when restricted in their operations by improper food or clothing. Keep the body fit by careful attention to diet. It is as necessary to health as education is to your brain development or your business.

7. Mental Control

Emotional and mental control by the power of will is man's greatest asset in the world today. The various effects of the emotions and passions are amazing in their scope. Man is what he thinks; he may become what he wills. Mental control of the body and the emotions spells power and success. Physical education with complete mental control along with an ethical influence is the ideal, all-around human development.

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