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Indian Methods

( Originally Published 1930 )

1. The Indian breathes deeply and rhythmically, maintaining a faith and confidence in a limitless supply of power; his to use constructively.

2. He uses the muscles of his body and applies his certain knowledge of an inner spiritual strength, which strength or power is immediately imparted to the muscles. He knows this power is within him.

3. He thinks with each act. He wills with each thought. Every action carries a constructive thought behind it ; thus, will and power accompany every motion. In this way a directionalized thought-force, vibrant with life-force, actually enters the cells of the body, giving them a power and potency ordinarily undreamed of.

4. He concentrates his mind on Infinite Good, and floods his being with a desire to be, to do, to become something greater than he is. He works for what he gets, mentally and physically; he does not expect something for nothing.

5. He makes his mind one with the laws of Nature obediently subservient and compels his emotions and his body to follow these laws. He does not expect God or Nature to change the law to suit his whims or his needs.

6. He practices concentration, too, and brings his mind by power of will to one-pointedness. He will not permit his thoughts to flit about like a flea; he holds them steady, brings them back with forceful will power to the subject he wishes to think about and holds them steady. He ponders and considers a question from every angle. He is never in uncertain haste; he must be sure before he will act, sure that he is right and with the law. Otherwise he knows well he is foredoomed to failure eventually.

7. He practices meditation. He seeks a quiet place and enters upon a fast. He makes peace with his God and the divine part of himself, confesses his own shortcomings to himself and endeavors to question himself as to his motives and his thoughts, desires and actions. These he goes over carefully in his mind for hours sometimes days. Then he meditates upon the great principles of Good, Love, Truth, Honor, and the Laws of the Universe as expressed in Nature and himself. He tries to know or understand his God through learning about or understanding himself and his fellow men.

Agility, strength and superhuman endurance are the rewards of his body.

Power, poise and self-conquest are the fruits of his mental control. Confidence, faith and an inner peace are the expression of his spirit.

Mental Gymnastics for the Earnest Student

Get over the idea of hurry, hustle and excitement.

Practice being calm, cool, quiet and poised.

Stop to think before talking or answering. Ask yourself : Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?

Do not wear yourself out with useless chatter or talk for hours about nothing in particular. You cannot afford to waste time or energy. Apply that precious force to self-improvement or to doing some good.

Be constructive; be creative; get ahead; get somewhere with yourself within.

Do not worry about what has not happened—and probably never will.

Do not worry about what may happen. In fact do not worry at all. It is the most wearing, exhausting, ageing, useless pastime invented to torture the mind and soul of man. Rather, make a mental picture of the ideal, imagining the thing or condition that would be best for all concerned.

Cultivate a creative, ideal mentality. We must have something to look forward to dreams of future greatness or achievement of some sort. Riches and material things do not satisfy. When attained they do not make us happy. We need ideals—ideals more powerful than we are. We must be something within in order to be truly happy. Formulate ideals of what you wish to do ; of what you wish to become.

Make the most of your natural opportunities. "Seek and ye shall find" them.

Concentrate your mind upon a subject and use strong determination to bring the mind back forcefully every time the thoughts wander.

Learn to guide the thoughts along any desired channel by using will power.

Study your motive for action, making sure that it is good, else it will turn upon you like a boomerang when you are unaware.

Sit quietly, and force yourself to think, weigh and consider your own problems, looking at them mentally from all angles.

Study the possible effects of the proposed action.

Study the effects of your action upon others,

Study out what you could do in event of failure.

Cultivate a positive state of mind while directing the thoughts in the line desired, but keep the convictions open and fluidic, allowing for possible changes of opinion as the thought process evolves and grows into form.

Bodily restlessness is one of the great faults of the present generation. This conquered, mental restlessness, along with irregular impulses will be half conquered, too.

Do not permit yourself to become discouraged. Feel certain of success. Maintain a determined, steadfast, unalterable resolution and you cannot fail to develop your mental powers, your soul, and your body.

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