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Styles Used In Flower Arrangement

( Originally Published 1913 )

IN and Yo are the names of the two styles in one or the other of which every Japanese arrangement must be made. In is the female style. It has Earth to the right.

Yo is the male and has Earth to the Ieft.

These statements may not seem to agree with the diagrams, but it should be remembered that the Japanese put themselves in the place of the vase, and in this book directions are given from the Japanese standpoint.

Outside of Japan, where many meanings and symbolisms are attached to the sex of the style, it will not matter which arrangement you make, except for consideration of the space your flowers are to be placed in. When they are not to be placed in the center of a mantel-shelf or table but at one side, Earth should project towards the widest space, not towards the end. Otherwise let the natural curves of the flowers decide the sex of your arrangement. So that if Heaven or central flower has naturally a decidedly In bend, make a feminine arrangement, with Earth going to the right.

Or should Heaven have a natural curve in the opposite direction, put Earth to the Ieft in the hollow and make a male or left-sided arrangement.

Earth's lateral bend is due to the need of such a line to balance the curve of Heaven in the opposite direction.

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