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Flowers Arranged According To Shapes Of Vases

( Originally Published 1913 )

WHEN the vase is round or oval, form an imaginary square in it as shown in the figure and draw out the branches from the upper two angles; that is, the branches are placed as always in the center of the vase, but their upper ends are bent back towards the corners.

If the vase is square, hexagonal, or octagonaI, place one of the angles in front and draw out the branches from the sides, not from the angles. But if the vase is a low square or paraIIelogram, one of the sides comes to the front and the branches are drawn from the angles.

Proportion of the Height of Flowers to the Vase

If the vase is a foot high, the flower in it should be a foot and a half high, or once and a half the height of the vase. The height of a flower is measured from the top of Heaven to the water.

In low, flat vases the diameter is taken and the height of the highest flower must be once and a half the diameter.

In flower vases placed on a stand measure the height of the vase, including the stand, and, as in other cases, make the flowers once and a haif the height.

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