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Letter Games

( Originally Published 1906 )

Every household that would be equipped for the long evenings should invest in a twenty-five cent box of cardboard squares, each bearing in bold type a letter of the alphabet. Games in an infinite variety may be played therewith. " Word-making and Word-taking" is well known. Each player draws from the central pile in turn, and builds up ten words which count according to their length, having the option of using the letter he draws to change and thereby capture some word of his antagonists'. " Anagrams " are also well known, each player choosing the letters that form a certain word and passing them to his neighbor, who must write down his solution and pass the letters on.

" Initials " is a delightful game. The first player says to his neighbor : "Name a poet beginning with " (The neighbor turns over one of his letters and quickly announces) " T." If he gets out his " Tennyson " before any one else shouts his " Tupper," he retains the card ; otherwise, it goes to the more prompt player. Next the name of some general may be called for, or of some kind of cloth, or some plant, or —anything.

Some romp games of letters are these. Throw the letters in a heap, face up, and see who first can pick out from -the heap a complete alphabet, laying down A first, then B, etc., and all working at once. Then go on to a simultaneous picking out of words, the " rush " to continue as long as any letters re-main, and the victor to be the person whose count is the highest, a one-syllabled word counting two, a two-syllabled word four, a three-syllabled word six, and so on.

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