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The Outpopulating Power

( Originally Published 1916 )

THERE is a war constantly going on. It is not of axe upon helm, shot upon armor plate, duels of death-spitting dreadnoughts, nor airplanes dropping bombs upon a sleeping city.

It is a deeper battle, subterranean as instinct, unseen as nature's hidden laws.

Deep as the cause of the running of sap in spring. Deep as the reason why Sahara is parched and the Mississippi Valley is watered.

A battle unnoticed as glacier movements, irresistible as the succession of geologic eras, pitiless as Time, sure as the precession of the equinoxes.

It is the battle of blood against blood, race against race, stock against stock.

It is the war of the powers of procreation.

It is the elemental competition in fecundity.

"What constitutes a state ?" asks Sir William Jones ; and answers his question : "Not cities proud with spires and turrets crowned; not bays and broad armed ports, where laughing at the storm rich navies ride; butómen"; and his conclusion should be mended; let us rather say, "women."

The state's ultimate armament is the strong, breeding woman.

Not the war cries of bearded hosts but the lusty cries of the army of babies are the terrible menace of destiny.

Sex perversion means the end of the world, the people extinguished in madness. Sex uncleanness means a race rushing toward its Day of Judgment.

England builds battleships; it were far better she gave heed to the fact that her population is decreasing.

The profoundest crime of American plutocracy is that it will not breed, and spreads the death-gospel of childlessness to others.

Look at the fashion papers, the newest models in gowns, latest hints from Paris; and see the tendency of upper-tendom toward the ideal of Kipling's "damn thin-hipted woman" man's plaything, not his creative mate!

Observe the universal fear of the responsibilities of marriage, the dread of children, the expressed creed of a weak race that one should not have children until one has gained a competence ! The pioneers who hewed the path for the Golden West had no such puling timidity.

In the long evolutionary strife for the survival of the fittest that nation shall conquer that shall not shrink from applying science to the procreation of itself; that shall study eugenics as the key-problem of destiny; that shall drive out sex-perversion from life and literature with the whip of life-preserving scorn; that shall idealize with the utmost beauty of poet and romancer the mating of its young; that shall tear the veils of false modesty and criminal ignorance from the sex instinct and replace them with the halo of truth, knowledge, and self-reverence; that shall reject the mediaeval shame of nature and take pride in its virility; that shall exalt in its heart and sup-port and protect with all its resources the woman who bears children and devotes her life to their bringing up.

For the vanguard of a nation's conquest, and the last citadel of its defense, is not the armed man nor the war machine; it is THE MOTHER.

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