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Victoria's Real Crown

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

THE crown that George and William wore was too large for the girl Queen Victoria, and it had to be cut down to fit her head. The jewels were set closer together. They were worth a hundred thousand pounds. The seventeen hundred diamonds that dazzled in the crown that was placed upon the head of the young queen in Westminster Abbey, over sixty-four years ago, were the symbols of the Christian graces that, as precious jewels, adorned her character as wife, mother, sovereign. She ruled over an empire broader than that of the Britains—the sacred domain of home, a dominion wider than the one on which the sun never sets, wide as the heart of humanity, boundless as the heart of God. England revered Victoria because she was a wise, just, merciful queen, but adored her for her loyalty to the Prince Consort, her devotion to the four sons and five daughters she bore, for her motherly affection for her people, for her regard for the poor, and for her love for Christ and his cause in the earth. It will take a nation a long time to die that considers this Christian wife and mother its ideal queen. It is an encouraging condition of public morals that the civilized world honored such a woman while living and mourned for her when dead.

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