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The Lineman Who Neglected To Use His Gloves

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

A CASE of fatal negligence occurred in the service of an electric lighting company in New York. The company employs men during the day-time to test their wires, especially in the vicinity of any lamps which are reported to have been burning dimly or intermittently during the preceding night. As it is an extremely dangerous occupation, the men chosen for it are the most xperienced employees, who know how to avoid danger. One of these, with his helper, was sent out to the west side of the city, where the wires were known to be faulty. He worked for an hour or more making his tests and repairing where it could be done with the tools he had with him. He was near the home of a friend at that time, and he looked in for a few minutes to chat with him. He soon came out again and resumed his work ; but he had removed his rubber gloves when he went to his friend's house and he did not put them on again when he ascended the next pole. In a few minutes his helper heard a heavy thud, and looking around saw the lineman prostrate on the ground. He went to his assistance, but the man was dead. A black streak on his hands showed where the fatal current had entered his body. In his pocket were the rubber gloves that would have protected him.

How many there are, who go into spiritual danger without taking any precaution. They have the means of protection just at hand in an open Bible, a bleeding Saviour, and a present Holy Spirit, and yet they will not look at the good book, nor reach out the hand of faith and touch the Cross, nor open the doorway of their hearts to the Divine Spirit. By rashness or by neglect, they leave themselves unprotected against the fatal current which lurks in the live wire.

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