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The Little Flower That Saved The Man's Life

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

MUNGO PARK, wearied with a long journey, and having lost the path in the desert, laid down to die. Gaining a little strength and casting his eye about him, he discovered a forget-me-not, the emblem of his country.

Patriotic impulses inspired his heart and quickened his energy. He arose, determined that he would find the path that had been lost ; he did so, and his life was saved.

Persons who are weary and fainting in the journey of life, and have lost their way in the desert of sin, often see the flowers of love in human hearts and lives which are emblems of the heavenly country beyond, and, inspired by them, they arise with new courage, and find the path, and are saved. There is an unspeakable eloquence in the life of true Christians, which wins people to God and to heaven.

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