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General Harrison As A Christian

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

THE religious instinct of Benjamin Harrison was very strong. His obligations to God were sacredly kept. The first prayer his mother taught him in the old log house, the religious instruction she gave him as she bathed his face with her tears of love and the eloquence of her example, sank into his young heart, all sensitive to the truth, and gave him a taste as well as a habit for sacred things. While a student in college, he made a public profession of Christianity and united with the Presbyterian Church. When he went to Indianapolis a young man, he joined the First Presbyterian Church of that city, and remained a member of it till the day of his death. He was the pastor's right-hand man. As a trusted officer he assisted in taking the collections on the Lord's day and distributing the elements of the Holy Communion. His wisdom and love were invaluable in the management of the church. It is said that the society contemplated the erection of a new church edifice and that General -Harrison, at the time of his death, was the chairman of the Building Committee. The General was a man of deep spiritual experience. He always found time to attend the week-night prayer service. He was superintendent of the Sunday School, and one of the ablest Bible class teachers any church ever had. When he was first married he established a family altar which was maintained to the last. When in the White House for four years there was no business, however important, that would cause him to neglect his family prayers. Mr. Harrison was several times elected a member of the General Assembly, and was a member of the important committee on the Revision of the Creed. General Harrison never hesitated to publicly profess his faith in the principles of our Christian religion. He had unfaltering faith in the Bible.

We have here one of the best minds of the nation, one of the ablest lawyers, one of the greatest orators in the land, one of the hardest workers in the various departments of human endeavor, with simple faith in the Word of God and plenty of time for the Master's Service. The repeated contention that the intellect of the world is turning away from the Bible and the Church does not seem to be sustained by the facts.

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