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Gladstone's Letter To Mrs. Spurgeon

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

FOR three months Mr. Spurgeon hung between life and death. During that time all the leading dailies of London printed bulletins announcing his condition. Visitors of distinguished rank in Church and State called at his residence. Messages of sympathy poured in from every portion of the globe; among them letters from the Bishop of London, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria. Mr. Gladstone's letter to Mrs. Spurgeon was as follows : " In my own home, darkened at this present time, I read with sad interest the accounts of Mr. Spurgeon's illness. I cannot help conveying to you an earnest assurance of my sympathy and of my cordial admiration, not only for his splendid powers, but still more for his devoted and unfailing character. I humbly commend you and him in all contingencies to the infinite stores of Divine love and mercy." Mrs. Spurgeon answered this letter, to which her husband added this postscript : " Yours is a word of love, such as those only write who have been into the King's country, and seen much of His face. My heart's love to you."

What a wonderful kinship of love to God and fellow men between these two great men ! It is a fortunate nation that could have such men in the pulpit and the forum, as Spurgeon and Gladstone, who have contributed so much to the recognition of the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.

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