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The Cracking Of St. Paul's Cathedral

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

THE magnificent cathedral of St. Paul's, in London, has been seriously damaged. Walls have been cracked, arches broken, windows shattered, and parts of the building that used to inspire the observer with admiration and awe, excites feelings of pity and regret. The immense weight of the superstructure was all that the foundation could bear originally, but the tunneling for the underground railroad caused the foundation to sag a little, and make the trouble above. It is claimed that the concussion of the trains will greatly increase the damage.

It is a sad thing to see so superb a structure damaged in such a way, and yet it is the illustration of the cracked walls, broken arches, and shattered windows of character, caused by the vices that dig about its foundation. This present world, with its push and its dash, and its enterprises, if there be not extreme caution, will let down the foundation of the spiritual temple where God is worshiped, and where he dwells.

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