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Doing the Will of God

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

REV. DR. GEORGE S. PAYSON, pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Inwood-on-the-Hudson, used the following apt illustration :

" My fountain pen is a convenience. I carry it with me wherever I go. It saves time and trouble, and if by any chance when I leave home I fail to take it with me, I miss it. It is always ready to do just what I wish, and it does it quickly and well. And I prize it accordingly.

" But its usefulness depends wholly upon its being an instrument of my will. Should it act independently, supposing it could, I would disown it at once. I must. I could not safely do otherwise. It might ruin me by signing fraudulent papers, or by misrepresenting my views upon important subjects, or by issuing orders to those accustomed to look to me for direction. As an instrument it is valuable and useful ; but only as an instrument.

" God can use us for his glory when we have wholly yielded to his will, and only then. We are not, like pens, destitute of life and of free-agency; but we can use our free wills to choose to do the will of God, and so become as it were mere instruments, though highly organized instruments, to do whatever he desires to have done. And this is the true use of the human will—to make its powers instrumental of doing the Divine Will. When we have no will of our own opposed to his ; when we are willingly the will-surrendered instruments of his will to do anything and to say anything which he directs, or to bear anything which he appoints, then and then only can he use us with delight. But if in any degree we insist upon doing as we please and being independent of him ; if we will not surrender ourselves unreservedly into his hands ; if we will not do the will of God from the heart, as unto God and not unto men, then we cannot experience the blessedness of holy living. The holiest and most blessed of earthly lives had this for its sole aim, ` I came not to do mine own will, but the will of Him who sent me.' And just in so far as we follow Christ, this must and will be the chosen aim of our lives."

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