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The Heroism of a Dog

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

DR. JOHN MANNING was bathing in the ocean at Asbury Park, when an undertow bore him out to sea. Exhausted with his vain struggles to make his way to the shore, and feeling that he would certainly perish unless relief immediately reached him, he gave loud cries for help. A St. Bernard dog, belonging to Mr. W. H. Smith, of Brooklyn, hearing his cries, and seeing his distressed condition, plunged into the water and swam out to him. Mr. Manning had just strength enough left to throw his arms about the strong neck of the dog, who brought him back to the shore and saved his life. The people on the beach were wild with their enthusiasm over the heroic deed of this animal, and gave cheer after cheer in his honor.

There are scarcely any stories of heroism among animals that so thrill the hearts of the young people, and older ones as well, as those of the rescue of lost travelers in the Alps, by the noble St. Bernard.

As we look at this dog, at his unselfishness, his life-saving instinct, we who know the value of a human life and somewhat of its destiny, ought to be more interested in the salvation of the bodies and souls of men. Many are being caught by the undertow and are being carried out to sea, and we must hasten to their rescue or they will be lost.

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