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Moody and His Brother George

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

PREACHING upon the text, " Wherefore he is not ashamed to call them brethren," Dr. Pentecost, dwelling upon the advantages of having a King Brother at the right hand of God, in the great Day of Judgment, related the following incident :

" During the last week of the Tabernacle meetings in Boston, when the great building, which would hold seven thousand people, did not serve to hold half those who desired to enter, was packed to its utmost capacity and the doors were closed, I chanced to be in charge of the ushers at Mr. Moody's private entrance. Two or three policemen stood guard on the outside. Chains were drawn across the open door to keep the people from crowding in. Men came up to the door-keepers, inventing all sorts of excuses and arguments, why they, in particular, should be allowed entrance. One man offered a ten dollar bill to a policeman to be allowed to enter.

` It is not a question of good-will or money,' said the officer, ` but the doors are closed and the orders are strict. Not another soul may enter.' Presently one gentleman came forward, and after quietly urging the policeman, in an unobtrusive and modest sort of way, said, ` I am in Boston only for the day, and am exceedingly anxious to hear Mr. Moody.' ` But you can't go in. Stand aside if you please. Don't press against the chain.' ` But,' said the gentleman, in an under tone, ` I am Governor , of and presented

his card. ` Well, Governor, I am very sorry. You must excuse me pushing you back. It is impossible for you to get in. Even if you should get by the chain, there is not room in the Tabernacle for another man to stand.' In that outside crowd there were great merchants, distinguished men and women, and a host of common people, all desiring to enter. But they were on the out-side, and the ` door was shut.' Nothing would admit them, neither money, position nor influence. Presently there came, pushing his way through the crowd, a little man, with bronzed face, plainly clad, evidently a countryman. He came up to the policeman and said, ` I want to go inside if you please.' ` Well, you can't get in. Didn't you see me just now refuse Governor Stand aside ;' and the policeman laid his hand upon him. But the little man tip-toed up and called to me, who was standing just inside the chain, ` Would you be kind enough just to tell Dwight that his brother George, from Northfield, is out here and wants to come in.' You may be sure that I quickly stepped back and made my way though the private passage to the pulpit, where Mr. Moody was already standing, conducting the open service of song. ` Mr. Moody,' I said, ` there is a little man outside, who says he is your brother George, from Northfield, and says he wants to come in. Shall I let him in?' ` My brother George ! Certainly. Make way for my brother George,' cried Mr. Moody, turning about and addressing the throng in the passage way. Way was made, and brother George was brought in. There was neither seat nor standing room, except one chair right in the pulpit which Mr. Moody occupied. But Mr. Moody reached down his hand, and taking the hand of ` brother George,' pulled him right into the pulpit. ` There,' he said, ` sit right down here by my side.' " It was worth something to " brother George " that he had a brother there in authority. Our other Brother opens the door into the Kingdom of God here, and the gate of pearl into heaven beyond. Who ever else is shut out in that day, the King will not be ashamed of his " brethren," though they be little and bronzed, and clad in mean attire, and cannot call themselves by high-sounding titles, or display their riches. It is blessed to be brother to him who is in the King's office.

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