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Looked Back and Lost His Wife

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

EURYDICE, the wife of Orpheus, was killed by the bite of a serpent. Her husband, heart-broken at her death, determined to make his way into the lower world, and, if possible, persuade its rulers to allow his loving companion to return to him. With nothing but a lyre in his hand, he entered the palace of Pluto, and played with such exquisite beauty upon it, that the inhabitants of Hades were charmed. " The wheel of Ixion stopped, Tantalus forgot the thirst that tormented him, the vulture ceased to prey on the vitals of Tityos, and Pluto and Proserpine lent a favoring ear to his prayer." He was promised that his wife should return with him, but only on the condition that he should not look back until he had gotten beyond the boundaries of Hades. He broke the condition, and his wife, who had gotten part of the way with him, vanished from his sight forever.

So many prizes in life are lost by looking backward. The precious things of life are given to those who look forward.

There is great peril in the divine life in turning backward. In getting away from the regions of darkness and sin and misery, there is everything to lose in looking behind. In leaving Sodom, it is unsafe to turn around ; in escaping from a life of sin, it is absolutely necessary to keep the eyes steadily ahead. He who will keep his eyes ahead upon the Cross of Christ will have all the treasures of earth that are of any value, and those of immortality as well.

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