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Ary Scheffer's - Christus Consolator

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

IN one of the great galleries of Europe is Ary Scheffer's famous picture entitled " Christus Consolator." In the centre of the canvas stands a commanding figure of Christ. Grouped about him in various atttitudes of supplication are representatives of many classes of society. On the right is a woman clinging to the Master, and pressing her face upon His arm as if to hold Him forever. Near her is a black slave stretching out his manacled hands, mutely appealing for liberty. Here in the foreground is a prisoner, whose chains are being sundered at the word of Christ. There at the left, a mother is laying her dead child at the miracle worker's feet, pleading for its restoration to life. Near her is a laurel-wreathed poet, and farther away an old man with whitened locks, wanting his youth again. At a little distance is a soldier with accoutrements of war, and all about in every direction are men and women and children of many grades of society, with various needs, seeking consolation from one person, the serene Man of Nazareth, the world's Messiah. Gazing upon that noble work of human genius inspired by an appreciation of the divine compassion, one feels that a proper inscription for it would be the words of the eager disciples, who disturbed the Master's repose by exclaiming, " All men seek for Thee!"

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