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Cleveland Believes In The Religion Of His Mother

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

DR. JOHN WESLEY BROWN, who died while rector of St. Thomas' Protestant Episcopal Church, of New York City, told me one day of a conversation which he had had with Grover Cleveland while President of the United States. He said that Mr. Cleveland remarked that he had the most unfaltering faith in the religion of his mother, and that he intended to be guided by it as long as he should live. The day he was elected Governor of New York, Mr. Cleveland wrote a letter to his brother, which says, among other things, " I have just voted, and I sit here in the office alone. If mother were alive I should be writing to her. Do you know that if mother were alive I should feel so much safer. I have always thought that her prayers had so much to do with my success. I shall expect you to help me in that way."

In these days of doubt about some of the doctrines of the Bible, it was rather gratifying to hear Mr. Cleveland, in his tribute to Mr. McKinley, ex-press such positive faith in the resurrection of the body. It seems that the theology of his father's sermons, as well as the simple piety of his mother, had made a deep impression on his life. A young man will come out at the end, at about the right place, who will take the Bible and the religion of his father and mother for his guide.

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