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A Heart Broken By The Hammer Of Affliction

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

I WAS once called upon to attend the funeral of a woman, whose husband had a prosperous business in New York. She had a comfortable home, happy children, and the gratification of every earthly hope; she was a true Christian, and after a lingering illness she passed to her reward. Her mother, who was not a Christian, was heartbroken at the death of her child, and as rebellious as she was heartbroken, at the Providence. In my presence, she expressed great wonder that God should take such a creature as her daughter, so valuable in her life, and so much needed in her home ; and then she burst into anger, and into open complaint against God, and declared that she would ever after hold a grudge against him. I had never heard such talk before, and the cold chills fairly came over me as I listened to it.

A few years passed by and another sorrow came upon her. She had a son, who was handsome, bright in intellect, kind in heart, and correct in his habits. He was ambitious to master a learned profession. In order to do so, it was necessary for him to earn the money for his technical instruction, which he did by employment in New York City. On the threshold of his profession, this manly man, splendidly equipped for his life-work, sank down with a lingering disease; and, though he went to the mountains of the far West, and availed him-self of every possible remedy, he died. At first, stunned with the grief, the poor mother seemed beside herself in her sorrow, and the wickedness of her rebellion against divine Providence. But this second stroke of God's hammer had done its work; it had broken her heart. She became quiet and resigned to the will of her Heavenly Father. The spirits of the departed brought the heaven they had entered, and the Saviour whose glory they had seen back to their mother, and she gave her heart to Christ ; made a public profession of her love for him, and became a devoted member of the church.

Few are as daring in their rebellion against God's dealings with them as this mother, but many find it difficult to submit to the Divine Will, especially when loved ones are taken, but such a surrender brings the sweetest joy on the wickedest life. The hammer of Christ's Cross broke the woman's heart, but the softening of it by the tears was a good preparation.

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