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The Friend Unseen

( Originally Published Early 1900's )


O HOLY SAVIOUR, Friend unseen,
The faint, the weak on thee may lean ;
Help me, throughout life's varying scene,
By faith to cling to thee !

Blest with communion so divine,
Take what thou wilt ; shall I repine,
When, as the branches to the vine,
My soul may cling to thee?

Far from her home, fatigued, opprest,
Here she has found a place of restó
An exile still, yet not unblest
While she can cling to thee !

Without a murmur I dismiss
My former dreams of earthly bliss ;
My joy, my recompense be this,
Each hour to cling to thee !

What though the world deceitful prove,
And earthly friends and joys remove,
With patient, uncomplaining love,
Still would I cling to thee!

Oft when I seem to tread aone
Some barren waste with thorns o'ergrown,
A voice of love, in gentlest tone,
Whispers, " Still cling to me."

Though faith and hope a while be tried,
I ask not, need not, aught beside;
How safe, how calm, how satisfied,
The soul that clings to thee !

They fear not life's rough storms to brave,
Since thou art near, and strong to save ;
Nor shudder e'en at death's dark wave,
Because they cling to thee !

Blest is my ot, whate'er befall ;
What can disturb me, who appal,
While as my Strength, my Rock, my
All, Saviour, I cling to thee?

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