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Beyond The Sunset

( Originally Published Early 1900's )


"At evening time it shall be light."óZech. xiv. 7. " Thy sun shall no more go down. "--Isa. Ix. 20.

SHADOWS o'er the vale are creeping,
And the sun sinks to his rest :
Twilight draws her curtains softly,
Golden clouds hang in the west.
Hushed the noise of busy labour,
Toil has sought its wonted rest ;
Whispering trees and murmuring streamlets
Sweetly soothe each troubled breast.

Time is fleeting, and I'm drawing
Near the sunset of my life ;
Soon will end my weary journey,
Soon will cease all toil and strife.
Shadows o'er my path are falling,
Earthly visions fade away,
Voices soft and sweet are telling
Of an endless, orient day.

O'er the misty mountains hastens
One I've waited long to see;
Soft as night-dew falls on meadows,
His kind bidding, " Come to rue."
Lo ! the purple light of evening,
Stealing gently up the sky,
Bears me on its wings to meet him.
Is this death? 'Tis sweet to die.

Jesus calls me, and I'm going
Where the shadows never come ;
Now the desert lies behind me,
And I hasten to my home
To my home beyond the sunset,
Far beyond the day's decline,
Where the glory is unfading,
Where the golden portals shine.

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