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Association Of Mother And Sons

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

MRS. POTTER PALMER, of Chicago, one of the fore-most women of the Middle West, feels that the close association between mother and sons which she has observed prevailing in England ought to be more frequent here.

"I have always had a theory," Mrs. Palmer told some ladies, "that where a boy keeps himself aloof from his mother and his sisters, he loses many manly qualities and fails to have the proper understanding and respect for womanhood. In his association with his own sex, the boy naturally cultivates roughness. The animal is very strongly developed in him, and there is nothing that will refine this animal spirit so well as the influence of a good mother and sister. The influence is best strengthened by the mother making herself an important part of the boy's actual life. I of course do not believe in molly-coddle boys any more than any other sensible woman does. I do not like a girlish boy, but I do admire a boy who is deferential and thoughtful of every woman; a boy who knows when to remove his hat, when to step forward and help a woman, when to see that his strength is needed to take his mother and his sisters and all other women over the rough places which they are unfitted to travel alone.

"A mother who encourages her boy to talk freely to her about all that comes up in his daily life, is certain to find that he becomes deferential in his conversation. He will learn what wounds her, and try to avoid it. He will gradually see where she really needs his assistance, and he will be glad to give it, because it makes him a protector. When he has the thought well imbedded in his mind that he is a protector of his mother, the other thought will follow that he must always be a protector of other women."

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