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The Magnitude Of Racing In America

( Originally Published 1911 )

PERHAPS America, especially the United States, gives a greater chance for yacht racing than any other country in the world. With its irregular seacoast, studded with harbors, bays, and islands, it gives great shelter to the small yachts, also its Great Lakes and inland waters make it possible for the people in the interior of the country to have their clubs and races.

Its sailors have always held their own with the best in the world, and as proof of their superiority, the United States is custodian for all the International Cups of any note. Many people are apt to say, "Oh, they won be-cause they sailed in their home waters." This is not true ; they won because they have been brought up on and in the water, have worked hard to perfect and advance the science, and to sail and handle their craft in a masterly way. That is the reason they have won and today stand above the world in racing yachts, propelled by the wind's force.

It has been a survival of the fittest, with the thousands of young Americans sailing and racing their little boats as boys, finally growing up to international fame as sailors.

America, or the United States, will always stand ahead, in my opinion, leading always by a greater margin than before, and will always be protected and represented by as fine sailors as the world will ever produce.

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