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Yachts - Laying Up For The Winter Season

( Originally Published 1911 )

WHEN hauling your boat out in the fall for winter storage, decide on the yard you will go to, and then get a figure from the owners of the yard for hauling out, covering with canvas, or putting in a shed, and launching again in the spring. If you know when you haul out, what painting, rigging, etc., you will want done in the spring, get a figure for that also. Then, when you know about what it will cost you, add on about twenty per cent of your figure for incidentals, as the spring bill is always larger than expected.

When the boat is stripped, see that the spars are properly hung so they will not spring or warp ; see that the sails are put away thoroughly dry in bags and placed where the mice cannot get at them. Have the rigging neatly coiled and labeled, and any metal work well greased. Have an augur hole bored through the garboard streak in order to properly drain the hull. Have the boat put in the shade if possible, and if she is covered with canvas have it nailed down to her sides thoroughly. Do not close her up, but have all doors open inside and out, also hatches removed.

If the varnish and deck paint is well worn, it is an excellent scheme to have it touched up, as the craft is then better able to stand a hard winter.

Care in laying up means an easier job in the spring, and is a saving of money in the end.

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