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International Small Yacht Racing

( Originally Published 1911 )

INTERNATIONAL small yacht racing should be encouraged in every way, as it is by far the most satisfactory race to win, on account of its international character.

Of course the America's Cup is the "Blue Ribbon" of the world, standing alone for the greatest speed in yachts not over ninety feet water-line. Second to the America's Cup is the Seawanhaka International Challenge Cup, donated by the Seawanhaka-Corinthian of New York, U. S. A., in 1894, for the purpose of bringing together in friendly competition yachts of small size representing the various countries. This Cup was successfully defended by a Canadian Club, the Royal St. Lawrence Y. C. of Dorval, Canada, for nine years, truly a remarkable performance, especially as it was challenged for by the greatest small yacht racing clubs in America. It was finally won by the Manchester Y. C. of Manchester, Massachusetts, U. S. A., in 1905, in three straight races, the challenging yacht "Manchester" breaking all records for the course on Lake St. Louis, Canada, and sailing as fast as fifteen knots across the wind. This was a remarkable performance for a boat carrying only five hundred square feet of sail.

This class of Seawanhaka boats, so called, are the fastest boats in the world for the sail area. Thus the Seawanhaka Cup stands for the greatest speed in small boats.

Another International Challenge Cup is the Canada's Cup, raced for between America and Canada on the Great Lakes.

The restrictions under which these boats were built have been changed from year to year, and a sharp ended thirty-footer with a moderate rig has been the usual type.

In 1906 the first International small boat series of races for the Roosevelt Cup was sailed between Germany and America, off Marblehead, Massachusetts, U. S. A., and again in 1907 a series was sailed between the same countries off Kiel, Germany, for the Emperor William Cup, and still again in 1909 another series will be sailed between the representatives of the same countries off Marblehead for the President Taft Cup.

Another series is that with Spain, the first contest taking place at San Sebastian in 1907, and a return contest will be sailed at Marble-head in 1910.

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