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The Saints In Art - O

( Originally Published 1908 )

OMOBUONO, ST. (Patron Saint of Tailors). (13th November)

A merchant of Cremona ; regarded as the protector of that city, and the patron and example of all good citizens. By thrift and diligence he became rich, in spite of his boundless charity to the poor. It is said that once, on a journey with his family, he distributed all his bread and wine to some poor pilgrims, and that angels miraculously supplied his own wants. He died while kneeling before the crucifix, with his arms stretched out in the form of a cross, and was canonised by Pope Innocent III.

He is represented in a loose tunic and cap, trimmed with fur, distributing alms to the poor ; sometimes wine flasks stand near him.


A monk of Thebes, and one of the very early hermits of Egypt. According to the old legend, he dwelt in a cave in the desert for sixty years, seeing no human being, speaking no word, and unclothed except by leaves twisted round him, and became in appearance like a wild beast. In after years he was made Patron of Monasteries where strict solitude and silence were enforced.

He is represented as very old, with long, matted, grey hair, and with a leafy branch twisted round his loins.

OTTILIA, ST. (13th December)

Patron Saint of Alsace, was daughter of a Duke of Alsace, and was born blind. Her father ordered her to be exposed, but she was rescued by her nurse, and on being baptised by a pious bishop she received her sight. She founded a monastery at Hohenburg, in which she lived, with many nuns, in great virtue and devotion, and she died Abbess of it in 720.

She is represented as a Benedictine nun, often holding a book, on which are her eyes.

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