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Beach Wormwood

( Originally Published 1933 )

Beach Wormwood, Dusty Miller

Compositae Perennial

Like most of the artemisias this is a handsome plant for the gray garden.

Root. The roots are fibrous.

Stem. The stems are woody, and creep flatly along the ground spreading from two to three feet.

Leaf. The leaves are not fragrant. The older ones have a tinge of jade green, the new ones are quite gray. They are woolly, soft, floppy, compounded and divided, roundly toothed, almost white underneath, and two to three inches across.

Flower. The little flowers are subtended by bracts and hang down like gray tassels with many yellow fringes. Although they are not showy, the yellow with the gray is a charming color combination.


The Chinese are said to use it medicinally, and as a charm.


This plant seems to like average garden soil and a sunny situation. It dies back in the winter, but spreads widely over the surface again the following year. In Spain it is frequently planted in pots, and was an edging plant around the stiff flower beds of the Victorian era.

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