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Ore To Be Gotten By Digging

( Originally Published 1902 )

SHEPHERD was watching his flocks in a desolate district in the south-western part of New South Wales, called Broken Hill. He noticed some stones at his feet that were full of shining specks. He had an idea there was gold there. He took a spade and pick and dug for days, for months.

His health began to fail, but he continued his work, getting only red earth as a reward. One day he stuck his pick into a rock so tightly he had to have a neighbor help him to get it out. That rock had rich silver in it, and led to the discovery of the fabulously rich deposit known as the Broken Hill mine.

A reporter visited James Whitcomb Riley and said to him : " Would you mind saying something about the obstacles over which you climbed to success as a poet?" " I am afraid it would not be a very pleasant story," he said. " A friend came to me once completely heartbroken, saying that his manuscripts were constantly returned and that he was the most miserable wretch alive. I asked him how long he had been trying? ` Three years,' he said. My dear man,' I answered, laughingly, ` go on. Keep on trying till you have spent as many years at it as I did. I struggled through years, through sleepless nights, through almost hopeless days. For twenty years I tried to get into one magazine ; back came my manuscripts, eternally. I kept on. In the twentieth year that magazine accepted one of my articles.' Tell your readers that our young Americans have right at their hand the richest material any country ever offered. Tell them to be brave, to work in earnest, to dig, dig, dig. Look what Bret Harte got out of California! Gold? Yes, of a finer assay than miner ever dreamed of. Dig, dig ! Fabulous wealth waits but to be uncovered."

In getting gold for the body, truth for the mind, or love for the soul, men must dig, dig, dig. In the enrichment of individual character and of the Kingdom of God, people must dig, dig, dig.

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