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God's Call To Greatness

( Originally Published 1902 )

LIKE Washington and Lincoln, Grant had the prophetic instinct. Though he begged his father not to send him to West Point, and though he stood low in his class, being the last of the eighteen sergeants appointed in the junior year, and having such poor marks that he had to serve his last year without any commission, he had a secret feeling that some day he would lead the army of the nation. In his personal memoirs, General Grant says : " During my first year's encampment, General Scott visited West Point and reviewed the cadets. With his commanding figure, his colossal size and showy uniform, I thought him the finest specimen of manhood my eyes had ever beheld, and the most to be envied. I could never resemble him in appearance, but I did have a presentiment that some day I should occupy his place on review." The prophecy was literally fulfilled. It was God's whispering in the ear of this timid, modest, and to outward appearances unpromising, young soldier the greatness that was in store for him. I heard Bishop Simpson say, that General Grant told him during the Civil War that he believed that God had called him up to command the armies of the Union.

God speaks to boys and girls, to young men and women in their early ambitions and prophecies, telling them what they may become and what He desires of them. It is fortunate for those who hear and do not fail to obey that voice.

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