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Two Irishmen Who Found Gold

( Originally Published 1902 )

TWO Irish miners came from California to Virginia City, Nevada, and hired themselves out to dig on the side of Mount Davidson. They were too poor to stop at a boarding-house, so they erected a log cabin and did their own cooking, after going into the woods to kill game for food. They not only dug with their arms, but with their eyes as well, studying the gradations of the earth, the formation of the rock, and discovering signs that pointed to an unlimited supply of silver and gold. The owners of the property had been discouraged at their vain search for metal, and offered to sell the whole plant for eighty thousand dollars. These two miners said to each other, " If we could get some one to put up the money we would buy out this property and dig for quantities of gold." They went over to see two men who kept a store near by, who put up the money, and the mine was bought. Before the four men struck the " lead" they " struck a snag," and found money and credit gone, with no new sign of gold. The other miners laughed and made fun of them.

One morning, when things seemed at their darkest, a friend said to one of them, " John, luck has gone against you. Why don't you quit? The answer came promptly : " The man who figures on luck in mining is a fool ; the man who figures on doing a lot of hard work and not losing his grit, will get something." It was not long after this a report reached the town that these men had struck a body of ore. The next morning the stock had gone from eighty cents to two hundred and fifty dollars a share; the morning after, to five hundred dollars a share ; the following day it went " out of sight," and in two weeks John W. Mackay and James G. Fair, the two miners, and James I,. Ford and William O'Brien, were rich beyond all calculation.

There is no such thing as luck in the religious world. Success comes by the hardest kind of work. Spiritual silver and gold are gotten out of Mt. Zion only by continuous digging. Only a small proportion of those who dig for gold in the earth find it; all of those who toil patiently in the spiritual realm find the precious metal.

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